Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Give a Gift of Living Room Showcase year round

All year round, give your family and friends a living room showcase to  brighten up their lives. They will surely cherish you forever. Visit LRI Design Plaza at 210 Nicanor Garcia St.  (formerly Reposo) in Bel Air II, Makati City, your one-stop lifestyle center, where you can find the right pieces  for your loved ones. You can give the important people in your life a complete set or just pieces of furniture or decors and accessories. Here are some beautiful arrangements from LRI Design Plaza to inspire and help you decide which piece to give to whom. For inquiries  call 8991767 or 8963208

FOR YOURSELF.  Reward yourself for your hard work and righteous
heart  with this meditation corner showcase where you can sit comfortably  and  just close your eyes and empty your mind; and then later if you want read, listen to music, or  check your emails from your wifi-enabled netbook
or laptop.

FOR GRANDMA, MOM, AUNTIE, SIS…    Share your blessings with the
rest of the sisterhood. Why not give them a simple but elegant easy chair  “to keep still and know God…”, a lamp shade with a quote from the Scriptures, “Your Word is a lamp upon my feet…”, or circular decors with quotes about the infinity of life, the greatest gift from the Savior born in the humble manger.

FOR YOUR DARLING PRESCHOOLER.  Delight and empower the  beloved kindergartener in the house with a space all her own, with these  colorful kiddie chairs with a painting to match. She can hold “meetings”  here with classmates who would happily settle on the area carpet.

FOR THE LONER’S STUDIO.   Your daughter will love you more for this elegant living room showcase that’s perfect for her studio-type apartment or condo unit. Also perfect for your son.

FOR YOUR DAUGHTER.  Create a special getaway corner in the house for your daughter where she can relax after work or classes— alone or with a friend with these easy chairs and pillows.  Great for girl-talks and sharing-secrets-sessions.

FOR YOUR TEEN.  Your teenage boy needs a space too (aside from his room)— to be free and quiet.  Give him an easy chair with back pillow and a drawer to casually keep his favorites DVDs, flash disks, pens, school ID, coins and bills; and also an open jarlike storage for his favorite magazines and books.

Please contact:  Ms. Mandy Navasero

8991767   8963208   09152200104

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